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Located in Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire and willing to travel to Grid Ref's
F6, G6, H6, I6, F7, G7, H7, I7, F8, G8, H8, I8, F9, G9, H9, I9, F10, G10, H10, I10, F11, G11, H11, I11

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Martin Braddock is a professional scientist and project manager working in the field of drug discovery and development with 36 years experience of working in academic institutes and large corporate organisations. He holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Radiation Biology (from the Radiation Biology Unit, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Oxfordshire), is a former Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.

In 2009, Martin was awarded the title of Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology for outstanding contribution to Bioscience and in 2012 he was a recipient of an Alumnus Achievement Award from the University of Salford for distinction in science. He is currently on the editorial committee of eleven scientific journals. He has published widely and is author on over 180 peer-reviewed publications, is a member of several scientific advisory boards, a listed inventor on 8 patents and has given lectures all over the world.

He has a serious interest in astronomy and in 2015 was elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He is passionate about all aspects of Astronomy, Cosmology and Astrobiology, holds University qualifications in Cosmology, Astronomy and Planetary Sciences and Astrobiology and is working towards an MSc in Space Science and Technology.
Martin is an active committee member of the Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society, supporting this registered charity at public open events and regular society meetings.

He has given many talks to different astronomy societies and is very interested in effects of gravitational extremes on animal and human physiology and in the concept of development of Space Medicine for which his full time job provides input into how medicines are handled by the human body. Further interests include the reality of extra-terrestrial colonisation and society build and the potential for human enhancement to augment to facilitate deep space travel and exploration.

As a life-long learning science enthusiast, he sees it as his duty to help inspire the next generation of potential young scientists and to help all understand the fascinating Universe we live in!

Lecture Topics:

  • The Rise, Fall and Renaissance of Artifical Gravity.
  • The History and Future of Space Medicine
  • Sub-Glacial Life in Lake Vostok - a Model for Exploring Life on Enceladus
  • Dark Matter and Energy and the Formation of the Universe
  • Extra-Terrestrial Life - Possibilities and Plausibilities
  • Enceladus, Europa and the TRAPPIST-1 Systems as Potential Sources of Life
  • Constraining the Boundaries for Exoplanetary Life: A case Study - Proxima b
  • Detection of Biosignatures in the Atmosphere of Exoplanets
  • The Challenges Facing Astronauts Physically and Medically on Long Journeys
  • The History of the Telescope 1609-1668 and the Importance of Physics for Telescopes Today
  • Exoplanets and Constraining the Boundaries for Potential Habitability
  • Extremophiles and why There Must be Life Elsewhere in the Universe
  • The Fermi Paradox: Drake and Seager Equations and Their Modifications
  • Meteors: What They are and How to Detect Them by Radio-astronomy
  • Limitations for colonisation and civilization build and the potential for human enhancements
  • Countdown to Mars – Challenges for Colonisation
  • Here come the Martians - the Genesis of Homo Martis
  • The Best of Both Worlds – Space, Drug Discovery and Drug Development
  • Future Concepts for Space Exploration and Colonisation – Life Jim but Not as we Know IT
  • Complexities of Interstellar Travel and the Need for Space Medicine
  • Europa - a Candidate Moon to Harbour Life?
  • Quantum Mechanics and Paganism
  • The Fermi Paradox and the Search for Extra-terrestrial life

Target Audience:

  • Children, beginners and intermediate level, serious amateurs

Distance Willing to Travel:

  • Grid References: F6, G6, H6, I6, F7, G7, H7, I7, F8, G8, H8, I8, F9, G9, H9, I9, F10, G10, H10, I10, F11, G11, H11, I11

Facilities Required:

  • Projector

Expenses - Fees Required:

  • £60 + petrol


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