Michael Franks



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0208 4467330

Located in North London and willing to travel up to 20 miles of N20

Fellow of the British Interplanetory Society LLB Cambridge Certificate in Arabic and Arabic Studies

Student of Planetary  Studies at Birkbeck College London

Lecture Topics:

i)      Recent Development in Human Spaceflight 2017
ii)     Asteroid Mining Gold Rush or Going Bust
iii)    Is there Lava on Mars?
iv) Alan Turning and the Enigma Machine
v) Astrolabes First Analogue computer
vi) The Night Sky an introduction to the stars
vii) Roll a Rocket- a craft activity building and launching rockets
viii) Fossil Hunting on Mars and in Central London
ix) Who Owns the Moon?
x) Scout Navigator Badge GPS -this is about geocaching hi tech treasure
hunting xi] Astrobiology- the search for life else here in the universe
xii) Animal extinctions

Target Audience: Beginners children and societies

Distance Willing to Travel: up to 20 miles of N20

Facilities Required: None, have own lap top and projector

Expenses - Fees Required: Expenses

Website: To Follow but I am on Facebook


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